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We are building next generation DApps using the latest tech stacks involving blockchain technology. Our first product will be a marketplace for smart contracts. Smart contracts are going to disrupt   entire industries (middlemen) whose main function is adding trust in a transaction. We want to build a marketplace where users can come and seamlessly deploy contracts that different developers have built for different functions. 

We plan to aggressively build the product. We are looking for people who can ship imperfect code and work towards perfection. We are looking for hustlers who can help us build and validate the product within the first quarter of 2017.

We are extremely passionate about the idea and the cause, but we do understand that sometimes the market is looking for something else. We are here to solve real world problems using state of the art technology. We hope to achieve this through an iterative process of customer research and product deployment.

We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to build the future with us. We work from a beautiful farm called hamsah organic farm around 20 km from Bangalore, making it an ideal location for a startup. We  build things in an environment conducive to learning and creativity.

The farm helps us stay away from the noise, yet give us access to one of the best startup ecosystems in the world. We breathe pollution free air and we have some of the most beautiful sunsets. The peer networks help us grow exponentially as we can learn from each other and can get our queries cleared by people who have already been there and done that.

Qj, one of the founders and the CTO,  studied engineering at UC Berkeley. He’s built products on frameworks like Django and AngularJS. Most recently he’s come to really like the React and Firebase. He got the first private ethereum blockchain at JaagaStudy up and believes that it disrupt status quo. He’s been in India for around 4 years and has backpacked across Indian and several other countries. He can quickly grasp new technologies and build products using it. He has 4+ years of experience building web applications as a developer and helping startup founders.

I’m Sumukh, founder and Chief hustler, I’m here to build products that solve real world  problems. I have been an avid bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast for the past 4 years, an early investor & miner in Bitcoins , and truly believe that these technologies can disrupt entire industries. I have worked as a business developer, sales & marketing intern, web developer, UX designer. At JaagaStudy, I learn how to build smart contracts and integrate them onto the javascript frontend using Web3. I also learnt ReactJS during my time here . I’ll be mostly helping the team out in whatever function they need help in.

We’ll be sponsoring your stay and food on the farm , and you will be getting equity based on your input to the organization. We plan to build it as a DAO eventually. We will not be providing sponsorship for travel or a computer. We have 3 internships available for the first quarter.

If you are a person, who is extremely curious, looking to build products for the future, eager to learn & grow or just like building things, this is the place to be.

We have enough tools to build any kind of tech/structure/art installation. To know more about where you’ll be working, read this article .

We are sure we are onto something big here, and we would like to have the best hustlers with us on this journey.

Smart contract programming requires a different engineering mindset than you may be used to. The cost of failure can be high, and change can be difficult, making it in some ways more similar to hardware programming or financial services programming than web or mobile development.” –Consensys

During your internship you’ll be working towards becoming either a high quality frontend developer or a smart contract developer or a full stack DApp developer

Here’s an idea of how you’d be spending your time:

      Track 1

  1. Introduction to Smart Contracts
  2. Setting up the development environment with truffle and testrpc
  3.  Reading documentation and reference resources
  4. Watching tutorials on building Smart Contracts
  5. Smart contract security and testing

Track 2

  1. Setting up a development environment with ReactJS and Firebase
  2. ReactJS and firebase Hello World
  3. Research on Ethereum and DApp
  4. Development of a non-trivial Smart Contract Application
  5. Building user-centric interfaces
  6.  Should have a keen interest on building beautiful yet simple UI


After the internship you will have grown and developed skills as a Full Stack Engineer, Market Researcher, and Product Manager. We are looking for people who already know how to code or know the basics very well and are very passionate about technology.

Applicants should be passionate about designing and building beautiful user experiences through user research and design-centric thinking, proactive with what they do, grasping new concepts quickly, working with the cutting edge of technology, working by themselves and with others, creating significant traction, and solving problems.

We want people who have the desire in them to excel and write amazing code, without us interfering at each step.

I believe that a small team of motivated individuals can build transformational products, and I’m looking for that team.

To apply, email me at sumukhshetty6@gmail.com with a brief about yourself, and your LinkedIn link/CV.

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