UX on the blockchain

UX in web 2.0 has reached a level where transformational changes cannot be made anymore. We have a system with multiple service providers, API’s, interfaces, authentication systems that make the UX very clunky. Decentralized Apps, built over the blockchain, will help the web move onto…


Hiring interns for Automte

We are building next generation DApps using the latest tech stacks involving blockchain technology. Our first product will be a marketplace for smart contracts. Smart contracts are going to disrupt   entire industries (middlemen) whose main function is adding trust in a transaction. We want…


Life at Jaaga

Jaaga study, a study program that is run on a farm, 20kms away from Bangalore. It is a place where hackers come together to learn. The core objective of the program is to pick a specific programming language, learn about it and build basic applications…

Smart contracts for IOT

One of the biggest advantages of using a blockchain it decentralizes trust . So if you have a device which is connected to the internet, it will execute whatever the contract makes it execute. The contract is also immutable once it’s uploaded onto the chain….

Ethereum smart contracts using Solidity

The  blockchain technology is one of the most interesting innovations of the 21st century . The blockchain has no owner and is run by a peer to peer node network. This helps us decentralise the way a lot of transactions are done online and offline….